A Strategically Targeted, Confidential and National Marketing Platform

We understand the needs of our clients, local and national, who buy and sell seniors housing facilities. Each time we retain an assignment we create a strategic marketing plan for that client, keeping in mind the needs of our buyers while achieving the objectives of our sellers.

We use a variety of techniques such as offering memorandums, online showcasing, local and national advertising, personal targeted communication, and confidential showings to bring buyers and sellers together to reach mutually beneficial decisions.

Offering Memorandums

Offering Memorandums are a comprehensive, full‐disclosure marketing package that is tailor‐made for your property, highlighting points that match your future buyers’ needs. It outlines benefits of the investment, financial analysis and projection, demographics, property information, local and national sales comparative analysis, and includes extensive photographic documentation (reducing tour traffic, increasing confidentiality).

Online Showcasing

We have developed our own website for qualified registered buyers to have access to property information, minimizing the foot traffic created at the property by tours.  Once a buyer is qualified and registered, they are granted access to explore your property in a private and confidential forum.

Personal Communications

Our group averages over 700 telephone calls each week to buyers and sellers active in the market. Frequently, face to face meetings are held with buyers and lenders. Also, communication with in‐house and outside cooperating brokers in the industry allows further exposure.

Confidential Showings

Although showings of the property will be minimized, each tour that is conducted is on a strict appointment only basis and is coordinated with the client. All showings that occur will be held in confidence and typically involve masking the identity of the potential buyer to employees of the facility.

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