“I would like to take a moment to recognize the efforts of the National Seniors Housing Group on our sale of Tudor Heights Assisted Living Facility in Pikesville, Maryland. As a South Dakota-based regional lender DNB National Bank found itself in a very difficult and uniquely challenging position with our Tudor Heights loan. Our bank held the first mortgage on a non-performing senior housing asset 1500 miles away from our corporate offices, and we had a borrower who had declared bankruptcy, whose assets were seized by the federal government, and is awaiting trial for allegedly committing the biggest fraud in the history of senior housing. Needless to say, we had a good old fashioned mess on our hands. DNB needed to navigate through an extremely complex release of stay in bankruptcy, a foreclosure and receivership process, a licensure, transfer, and finally effectuate a sale of the asset once we had obtained clear and marketable title. I can honestly say that the journey from taking a non-performing Sun west loan on DNB’s books to an REO sale of Tudor Heights was a daunting road that I hope never to repeat in my banking career.

Thankfully we surrounded ourselves with good advisors such as the National Seniors Housing Group. Their familiarity with Sun west’s inner workings, their knowledge of complex deal structures and distressed senior housing assets were extremely helpful as our bank navigated these unfamiliar waters. Also, their extensive access to the senior housing buyer pool allowed us to create an auction like environment to maximize the value of this asset at the point of sale. They were honest, straight forward, fair, hard working, and did what they said they were going to do.

Given the current state of the commercial mortgage and banking industry I am sure there are other lenders that face similar challenges to ours with Tudor Heights. I truly believe those lenders would benefit greatly from your advisory services. And, if I were to be faced with another situation in which I was considering a sale of a senior housing property the National Seniors Housing Group would be my first call.

Again I thank you the NSHG for their hard work helping us get out of Tudor. They were a huge help. I look forward to staying in touch.”

Dan Sievers, Executive Vice President
DNB National Bank

“Please consider this my highest recommendation for the brokerage services of the National Seniors Housing Group (NSHG) of Marcus & Millichap. Our family purchased a property from Sunwest Management and listed by NSHG, which was in bankruptcy and under the control of an SEC Receivership. The transaction was extremely complex and legal challenging. The NSHG was a pleasure to deal with, true to their word, extremely patient and instrumental in assisting our family navigate the muddy business and legal issues surrounding the acquisition of a Sunwest asset. If you are looking to hire the very best brokerage firm in senior housing, I recommend the National Seniors Housing Group.”

Brad Dubin
Kandu Capital, LLC/Bloomfield Senior Living

“Over the past five years the National Seniors Housing Group (NSHG) and I have developed a strong professional relationship, in addition to partnering together in a philanthropic capacity while most importantly building a dynamic friendship. I truly understand why the NSHG is prides itself on integrity, creativity, and work ethic. On a recent transaction, the NSHG’s out of the box thinking led us to successfully expand our affordable housing prototype, Senior Suites, into a new market. Additionally, the NSHG’s ability to effectively link professionals within our industry has added tremendous value to Senior Lifestyle Corporation and I count on the NSHG to continue to add value to our organization moving forward…”

Adam Kaplan
Senior Lifestyle Corporation

The National Seniors Housing Group of Marcus & Millichap was instrumental in creating a great deal of value in the marketing of Friendship Village. They initially provided us with a cogent analysis of the value of the property, and advised us in terms of the various methods for enhancing the sales price. They confidentially marketed the property to a broad pool of qualified bidders. Their process resulted in locating a relatively unknown buyer as well as national firms, and they successfully pit one buyer against the other.

I thank the National Seniors Housing Group for their efforts. I would be glad to share my observations of their effectiveness with their other clients.”

Peter D. Crane
Friendship Village of Dayton

“Our purchase of the referenced property, now called Victorian Oaks, required a great deal of tenacity, creativity, and professional skills on the part of the National Seniors Housing Group (NSHG). The seller was very demanding and ‘high maintenance,’ and the condition of the capital markets required the NSHG to be involved day-to-day in the loan approval process.

I thank the National Seniors Housing Group for their hard work, tenacity and creativity. Without their specialized skills, this transaction would not have occurred. I look forward to working with them again.

Christopher Randall
Randall Residence

“I would like to take a moment and commend the efforts of the National Seniors Housing Group (NSHG) on the sale of my client’s 50-bed Certificate of Need for the DRB Nursing Center in Hamilton County. We have been involved in several ill-fated attempts to sell our facility prior to their involvement, the results of which forced us to shut down the facility against our wishes. Since we were forced to close the facility prematurely, we were “under the gun” so to speak, since we were forced to find a buyer within 12 months or risk having the state strip us of our certificate of need and receive no compensation whatsoever. Despite our weak negotiating position, Marcus & Millichap was able to quickly create a competitive bidding process for the beds, the result of which enabled us to get a top-of-the market price. The NSHG’s swift actions and access to buyers proved to be critical to accomplishing our objectives. We deeply appreciate their hard work and effort in getting this deal closed.”

Michael W. Kehoe
Citizens Bank of Campbell County

The National Seniors Housing Group is an efficient reliable broker. They are knowledgeable of the current market in Ohio. Their effective relationships among buyers and sellers has fostered an efficient market. Their knowledge of regulatory compliance issues has enhanced the result which they are able to achieve.”

Daniel C. Harkins
Harkins & Associates

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